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OOC: For starters...

Hello, and welcome to the Eye of the Beholder RP. We're just moving over from MySpace, so we do not yet have all our graphics updated, nor our information.
This community doesn't have open slots - just two players (nazgulcrayon  and invsblecats).

To all my lovely cohorts - please make your own journal before posting to the community (No, Miuty, I will not forbid Thantatos from joining). For entries that do not pertain to the storyline, please place 'OOC' in the subject line, as i have for this post (organization is a mustarchon_cassiel, not   and ). This isn't necessary for comments. Also, if you're posting art or a side-story, please post from your character journal (ie. If I am posting art of myself, I post from the journal archon_cassiel, not nazgulcrayon or kingmiuty).

For anyone who chooses to read Nazgul and Detwiler's weirdness, feel free to post comments :D We would love feedback. However, as I said before, we're not currently taking applications for more players.

Rules & such

- Keep things PG-13, or place a warning and an LJ cut.
- Friends-lock entries that are not public.
- Spell check plzkthx. No chatspeak either.
- Anonymous comments are open, for now. Don't abuse the privilege.

May add more, probably not...

If Nire or Conlaed would like to post our plot/ storyline for reference, feel free!

Your High-Flying Stalker,
Archon Cassiel
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